Wintry Mountain Proposal in New Hampshire

What a chaotic time it is for our planet. We are sending a multitude of good vibes to each and every one of you reading this right now, and everyone else who isn’t reading it gets some good vibes too! We’re thinking of all of you and it’s always a necessity to have some happy posts circulating to break up the reality of the world today. So we think it’s a much-needed service to share Ranissa and Alex’s absolutely captivating snowy proposal in New Hampshire atop a frozen lake from Kelly Payeur Photography. Their warmth and joy is unmistakable and man, they don’t take a bad picture.

How did you meet?

Alex and I have actually known of each other for years, we were connected through social media and our community. In 2017 I had recently become a single mom. I was working a lot and just raising my two daughters and during that time Alex and I had matched on a dating platform. We matched and started talking. I told him I was a single mom and he didn’t run for the hills. He asked me the same week we had matched if I would meet him for coffee, just to properly meet and get to know each other. We had exchanged a few words in the years prior at some different events but the timing was never right. He has however, always caught my eye.

So we had coffee one cold February morning and the rest is kind of history – we’ve been together ever since. We quickly found out that we have so much in common. Alex is a DJ; he does school events, weddings, corporate parties, you name it. I, myself am a photographer and I do weddings, couple sessions, etc. We truly are a match-made in heaven! Since then, we have bought a house, run two successful businesses together, have our two daughters as well as our son now! I couldn’t have made a soul more perfect to match mine. 

What is your proposal story?

A few weeks prior to 2/22/2020 Alex had mentioned he wanted to get away for the weekend. Of course I was all on board, the first weekend away in 2 years with absolutely no babies; say no more, I was PUMPED! (Don’t get me wrong, I love being with my kids but 2 years since I had a weekend getaway with just the two of us that we weren’t working, it was needed!)

So we planned to go to North Conway, New Hampshire! Not too far away but still a beautiful location with lots to do and explore! So the morning of 2/22/2020 had come and Alex said to me “All right, we’re going on a “Bachelor” styled date – be ready!” (“The Bachelor” has always been our Monday date night “thing”. We get so into it!) I was so excited! He had everything planned out: first stop on our list was Jackson Falls. Beautiful spot. We hiked, talked about our kids, and took pictures.

Next stop was Dianna’s Bath! Again, beautiful spot. We hiked to the top to see the frozen waterfalls, and of course, there was an ice spot going down over the side of a small slope that looked like a slide. Me being who I am, I decided to slide down it. LOL. Alex was like, “YOU’RE SOAKED!” I was like, “Okay and?” All was fine and we headed to our next stop Echo Lake State Park.

Echo Lake State park has a special place in our hearts. Two years prior we had our gender reveal photos taken at this lake for our son Sutton. It was already special to be back there. Alex had surprised me by packing my vintage picnic basket with wine and flowers. We had a glass of wine, cheered to our weekend away and he pulled out a rose and asked me, “Will you accept this final rose?” HOW SWEET! Dream moment right!? I said, “Of course I do!”

He then lead me out to the frozen lake, and he told me that I was his person and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was emotional and everything I had always wanted. I, of course, said YES! That’s when Kelly came out of the woods and then we got to do a session with her and it was just magical! One of the best days of my life! 

Tell us about the ring/band.

I have a beautiful oval shaped solitaire diamond on a band with diamonds half way down! It’s the most perfect ring.

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