Mellow Garden Engagement Session

Though this was taken by Amy Maddox Photography in December, you wouldn’t even be able to recognize it as it just screams springtime. The unmistakable joy on Dalia and Pedro’s faces gives us pure bliss. As always, we’re so happy for these two!

How did you meet?

We met in college during bible study in 2009. Pedro was one of the mentors of a campus ministries group. We had a mentor/mentee relationship for about 8 years even after I graduated from college. We started courting in June 2018. 

What is your proposal story?

Pedro was living in Houston and I was living in NYC. I went to Houston in December 2018 to spend the new year together. He came to pick me and my friend up from the airport with his cousin. We were so happy to see each other (finally). He knows that when I travel I get very hungry. So while driving I ask him if he cooked and he said that he had not. So I proceed to ask him what restaurant we were going to. He informed me that we would be stopping by his apartment first to drop off the suitcases and then we would grab something to eat. Despite me insisting that making the stop first to his apartment was not necessary, we arrived at his apartment complex. His cousin then enthusiastically states that she wants to show my friend and I around the apartment complex as we wait for Pedro to put the suitcases in the apartment.

At this point I am hangry, haha. His cousin shows us around and picks up a package that she received from the mailbox. While I think we are heading back to the car his cousin directs me to the apartment so that she can drop off her small package. As you can imagine I am annoyed. I walk to the apartment and to my surprise the door is open, I push the door open wider and I see rose petals that are red and white spelling out “Will you marry me?” In the far left Pedro is on bended knee with a bible in his hands. I was in shock, so I did what came naturally I shut the door.

His cousin and my friend are looking at me and asking me what is wrong, no words come out. I slightly open the door again and peek in to make sure that I was not hallucinating. Pedro is looking dead at me so I close the door again! I look behind me at my two companions and start screaming with excitement. They of course are confused but I cannot explain to them what is happening so I blame it on hypoglycemia, lol.

I open the door again and run to him and surprisingly, he is still on his knees with the bible. He proceeds to tell me how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and asks me to marry him! He stand up and I give him the biggest hug. While hugging him he asks “so is that a yes???” I thought I said yes, lol. So I screamed, “YESSSS I will marry you!”

Moral of the story…feed your future bride before you propose. 🙂 

Tell us about the ring/band.

We will not be wearing wedding rings/band. We will exchange bibles the day of our wedding. Our bibles have inscribed on them the meaning of our names so that we always remember our purpose in Christ. 

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