Epic Oregon Sand Dunes Engagement Session

This adventurous couple chose an Oregon location for their photos that stops us in our tracks. Jacob’s proposal to Kiley at an Oregon Blazer’s game (scroll to read the story) was epic, so we expected nothing less for their engagement session! Cape Kiwanda Beach’s sand dunes and rocky shore served as their setting and Haystack Rock graced the photos in the distance. The neutral tones of their outfits with the grey sky makes these photos feel so powerful that we just wanted to keep scrolling for more.

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How did you meet?

We originally met at a country music festival where we didn’t exchange any information and then about a month later, we matched on tinder and realized we had already met in person!

What is your proposal story?

Jacobs’s dad is the stunt team coach for the Blazers, so every once in a while we get free tickets just before the game starts. This time his dad texted us the day before and told us that he might have two tickets for the Blazer vs. Laker game the next day and if we wanted to go, we could have them but he kept saying I couldn’t wear my Kobe Laker jersey (I grew up a Laker fan). The weird thing about being offered the tickets though, was that he was warning us a day in advance that he might get these tickets and he’ll know by 4:00 pm the next day. This was weird to me because every time he’s offered us tickets it’s literally an hour or less before the game starts so I was confused on how he’d find out so early the day of the game. So anyways, I get home from work and Jacob is kind of acting weird and he’s watching me get ready and telling me to hurry up. I still lived at home at the time but my dad, stepmom and brother all left because they were going out to dinner.

Jacob and I eventually leave for the game. We were ubering there and when we got there, his dad met us, bought us dinner and told us we have to be at a specific area right before the game to watch a new pre-game parade. Jacob and I walked around fo ra bit and I just had a weird feeling and everyone was acting so weird, so I said to Jacob “You’re not proposing to me tonight are you?” and he just starts smiling saying “no” and I’m like “I don’t believe you, you better not because I hate my outfit!” (I was wearing like a 2xL blazer shirt with ripped jeans and rain boots) and he just kept saying “no”. He then said “I’m gonna go get a beer I’ll be back”. So we’re waiting and waiting and one of my childhood best friends ended up being at the game and I was telling her to stay so that after the parade we could get a picture with the stunt team.

After the parade, we’re all taking pictures with the stunt team, people are lining up to get their pictures and I always joke that I’m going to join the stunt team so I make Jacob and his dad pick me up sideways for a funny picture. They set me down and Jacob’s dad does this smooth hand-off (I say smooth because it wasn’t smooth – I saw the whole thing) and gives Jacob the ring box, gets down on one knee. I told him “OMG I asked you earlier!!” and he says “Will you marry me?” everyone is screaming, cheering, yelling “say yes” – obviously I said “yes!!”

He got up and we’re hugging then all of a sudden I feel someone else hugging us and I look and it’s my little brother. I’m in shock and I’m like “What! What are you doing here??” I look up and not only is my brother there but my dad, stepmom, Jacob’s mom, sister, grandma, grandpa and Jacob’s mom’s best friend. His grandma bought us all tickets in the same row so after we could all sit together and enjoy the game. It was amazing even though I had such a good gut feeling something was going to happen. I was surprised because Jacob is usually so bad with surprising me because I always guess, but he did such a great job having everyone there for our special moment.

Tell us about the ring/band.

The ring is a 1 carrot round diamond with 5 small round diamonds on each side. The ring is 1.5 carrots total.

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

We chose to have our shoot on the beach because we both love the beach. We had two outfits for the shoot, casual and formal. My formal was a black floral dress that I borrowed from my best friend. I didn’t wear any accessories except earrings because I’m not huge into accessories and I chose to be barefoot. Jacob’s formal was black slacks with a grey button up and he wore nice shoes. My casual was black ripped jeans with a long sleeve grey sweater shirt and black bootie shoes. Jacob’s was just blue jeans and a dark grey long sleeve shirt.


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