Wine-Incorporated Newport Beach Engagement Session

Tiffany and Kevin’s engagement session with Victoria Parker Photography was one of a light and airy mood. The couple sauntered around their home beach as they sipped on a red wine and walked along the beige rock formations. These photos do a beautiful job of representing the casual yet blithesome love they share with each other.


How did you meet?

Between our parents being friends, growing up in the same neighborhood (just a few streets apart), attending the same elementary/middle/high school and seeing each other at church on a weekly basis, it was hard to miss one another. His first memory of me was in our third grade class, where apparently I had scolded him for doing his work wrong. We didn’t talk much back then because girls had “cooties”. Little did we know that after all this time, God would bring us together just shortly after college. And since then, we are truly blessed to have one another in our lives!

What is your proposal story?

He had taken me on a day trip to San Diego to celebrate my 28th birthday weekend. To be honest, I had a pretty good feeling that he would propose that day. But as we sat on the beach and the sun began to set, he got up and told me it was time to head out for our dinner reservation. I was disappointed, thinking since he had missed this perfect romantic moment, then today probably wasn’t the day. As we made our way over the rocks, I caught a glimpse of familiar faces of our friends peeping around the corner. Then I knew it was happening. He got down on one knee, opened the ring box and asked me to be his wife. I looked inside the ring box and did not expect to see what I saw, an abstract ring with a large green gemstone. I thought for sure he was joking, but after a long pause, I was about to say “yes!” when he busted out “just kidding, I got you!”. Sure enough, he had completed his ultimate mission of adding the element of surprise! Then with the perfect ring, he asked “Will you marry me?” and I said “yes!”.

Have you started planning your wedding? What is your wedding date?

Our big traditional wedding was originally set for June 5, 2020. However, like many other couples, we had to postpone our wedding celebration indefinitely with the Covid-19 crisis going on. The good news is, we’ve decided to still get married on our original date by holding a small, intimate ceremony with our officiating pastor, family and close friends attending virtually via Zoom! It will be part of our journey together to cherish for a lifetime. We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone once we can meet together again.


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