Ocean Springs Engagement Session

Maureen and Spencer showcased their home state of Mississippi beautifully as they chose a coastal town for their session with Kayce Stork Photography. This couple’s history sounds like it was straight from a movie and it makes our heart swell. All you have to do is read their story and you’ll see how these two were destined for each other!

How did you meet?

Our mothers were roommates in college and we both rediscovered each other one night at church, after both of us having tough breakups. It was all in God’s timing, we were meant to be. ♥️

What is your proposal story?

Our families were throwing a big Christmas party and Spencer came to pick me up for it. He kept waiting outside on my balcony and I thought we were going to be so late. I finally went out there to ask if he was ready and then I could just feel something was up. He got down on one knee and I honestly couldn’t even breathe nor believe it was happening. Everyone was waiting for us at the party with champagne to celebrate! It was so special and we were surrounded by the people we love most!

Tell us about the ring/band.

The ring was Spencer’s grandmother’s which she had left him with a note saying “You can give this ring to your special love”. She was his best friend and they adored each other more than anything. I am so honored that I now get to wear a ring of someone he absolutely loved with his whole heart.

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

Our photographer Kayce was so easy and fun to shoot with! We just wanted a natural coastal vibe for our shoot and she knew just where that would be! We are in love with our pictures because she captured our pure joy of this adventure we get to do forever.

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