Vintage Chic Engagement Session in Namibia

It’s undeniable that this Nifty Studio session has a slight hint of a 1940s vibe and we can’t get enough of it. This trendy area of Windhoek boasts an area that looks like it stepped back in time harking back to yesteryear a la “Casablanca”. It’s no wonder that Ruweide and Justin immediately chose this place to host their shoot and we love they (purposely or not) played the part. Ruweide looked like a bombshell in her powder blue seersucker frock and Justin was just as dapper in his cool white Oxford and tan slacks. The romance is strong in this one, you guys.

How did you meet?

We shared a few classes together at the engineering faculty in Stellenbosch.  After a long day, I found myself with some car trouble at the faculty’s parking area.  Justin, a car enthusiast, happened to be putting in the hours at the faculty, found me distressed and was all but willing to help fix the car. A BBM pin exchange later and the rest is history.

What is your proposal story?

It was a Sunday morning, the last day of our weekend away in Swakopmund.  It had been a busy weekend with my parents.  We woke up and Justin said, let’s go for breakfast before we pack up to go home.  Tired and not really phased, I tied my hair up into a ponytail, put on a jersey and we left for breakfast at a hotel along the beach. During breakfast he nonchalantly points out that there’s a spa at the hotel. 

After breakfast he excuses himself to go to a pharmacy because of something he’d been complaining about all weekend.  He also asks me to check out the spa while he’s away – perhaps get my nails done while I’m there. Fast forward to getting my nails done, the therapist guided me to a door leading to the beach. I walked out and found a pathway with red roses and photos of Justin and I.  And at the end, stood Justin waiting for me. 

Tell us about the ring/band.

The engagement ring was custom made by Adriaan and Meyer.  The band is 18 ct white gold with cushion cut diamond in a 4 claw with 18 brilliant cut diamonds surrounding it

Event Credits

PhotographyNifty Studio
Submitted viaMatchology