Tampa State Park Engagement Session

Florida natives, Mckenna and Chris, decided to pick a new spot to check out for their November engagement session. With it being an untrekked, open forest area for the couple, their fur baby was an automatic guest. Together, the two lovebirds, Nala, and Bonnie Newman Creative explored the abundant foliage as they walked the miles of trails in Hillsborough River State Park. As the tall grasses surrounded them, their undenying love filled the air.

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How did you meet?

Chris and I met at LA Fitness in Tampa, Florida. There were many months of casual glances from both him and I. I was waiting for him to introduce himself, hoping he would, but it seemed as if he would talk to everyone but me! Well, little did I know that he wanted to introduce himself for the longest time, he just didn’t know how. He even mentioned to his friend before we ever even met that one day he would marry me. Looks like he was right! ❤

️What is your proposal story?

Chris proposed in the absolute best way he possibly could have. It was on our one year anniversary in September of 2019. We came home from work, cooked dinner together and packed up our boat to have dinner on the lake. The weather was perfect and the sunset could not have been more beautiful. As I was setting up for dinner, Chris was able to set up his phone at the perfect angle to catch the whole thing! It was just him and I with our lab, Nala, in the middle of the lake and it was everything I ever wanted.

Tell us about the ring/band.

My ring is a classic round cut diamond set in a diamond band. It is everything I always wanted and what makes it even more special is my uncle made it!

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

If we are being honest, we did not put much thought into our outfits or accessories lol. Before we left for the shoot, we picked out a few neutral colors that we thought would look good together. We went for a casual outfit and then one a little more dressed up for two different looks. The neutral colors and minimal accessories are a true representation of us as a couple, laid back but still classy.

Have you started planning your wedding? What is your wedding date?

Yes. We actually had our wedding all done and planned but with the unfortunate circumstance and restrictions due to corona virus, we had to completely change everything. Chris and I made the decision to keep our wedding date May 23, 2020 instead of rescheduling for a later date. The thought of postponing our lives as a married couple due to the inability to host a public event was just not something we wanted to do. In the end, everything has worked out better than we could have ever hoped for and everything is falling into place. It’s almost as if it was supposed to be this way all along and we could not be more excited.


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