Australian Woodland Engagement Session

Chantelle and Melissa’s woodsy session in the forest-y green makes us want to rent a cabin and runaway for a little while. We assume that the feeling would be somewhat compared to the peace that these Melbourne locals felt during there romantic engagement session. The deep, lush green of nature filled with accents of amber and denim blue gives a sense of rustic tranquility that can be understood by all.


How did you meet?

We met while we were studying our degrees. Melissa caught my attention when she was asked to stand in front of our class and talk about her ability to juggle (how this had any relevance to our subject, I am still unsure). The moment I heard her speak, it was like something quiet and dormant had awaken inside of me. I had never considered myself as gay or lesbian. I had always thought that I was your average straight girl. But, when I heard and saw Melissa, everything changed. She was hesitant at first. She wasn’t sure what to make of me, a straight girl, confused about her sexuality and thought I may have been searching for some sort of experience only then to move on, back to my normal life. We took our relationship painstakingly slow. We had to part ways to study abroad for four months, her to Europe and myself to America. We talked every single day until we both returned home. When we reunited it was the beginning of everything…

What is your proposal story?

We traveled to America in 2016, which was our first overseas trip together. I wanted to show her all of the places I had fallen in love with, and what better place to show her than New York City. We shared a quaint apartment with a local man who told us about the rooftop that overlooked the city. I later proposed on that very rooftop and we celebrated with cupcakes from Carlos’ Bakery. Melissa then proposed a couple of years later on a spontaneous trip to Sydney in the middle of a protest (I cannot remember for what), but it was absolute chaos and she was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day.


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