Seaside Engagement in Sorrento

When you’re in Italy gawking at the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast like Lauren and Max were on their “vacation”, what would make it even more epic? Points to whomever said a marriage proposal. While the two sweethearts were gallivanting around Sorrento, Max popped the question to an unknowing Lauren. She was over the moon immediately, and so are we looking at these Andrea Matone photos.

How did you meet?

Lauren and I had gone to high school together. Although, we did not know each other during school. I always had a crush on her from across the quad. We had reconnected 4 years after we graduated via social media. . We had a little growing up to do over the years, but we finally made the choice that we are forever. I’ve had faith in us from the day we met.

What is your proposal story?

We had our trip to Italy booked for over 9 months. When the ring was delivered 2 days before we left, I now had to come up with a creative way of hiding it from Lauren for the first week of our trip. We had a guided tour through the highlights of Italy; Vince, Florence, Rome, and then we had 4 days on the Almafi Coast where the proposal was planned for. I ended up hiding the ring in my Camera case and putting it in the Hotel safe’s to ensure safety. Little did she know Lauren was so close to the ring at all times and had no idea what was coming.

On the day of the proposal we arrived in Sorrento. Lauren was tired from our travels so decided to take a nap, in the meantime I was pacing back in forth (which she thought was odd). As we head down to dinner she asks what is wrong with you, and coming up with any excuse I say I am tired. Although I am not at all, I am forced to get an espresso to reinforce the story. As I saw Andrea (photographer) at our meeting spot, he came up with a sign to let him know I was ready.

After a few deep sighs and a couple I love you’s, I finally work up the courage to get down on a knee. Lauren’s first words “What are you doing?” followed up instant tears of joy. It was the best day of my life and am looking forward to the rest of our adventures together. I am so glad I had hired someone from across the world to capture the moment. 

Tell us about the ring/band.

18k White Gold Petite Pave Set with an oval cut diamond. 

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