Misty Old Ruins Engagement Session in Germany

Amber and grey hues mixed with the mysteriousness of foreign, old city ruins is a unique mood that we want to see WAY more of. Walker and Mack's hazy engagement session in Heidelberg, Germany was passionate, romantic, and private. Courtney Lynn captured the Michigan natives beautifully as they roamed the misty German forest and the grand steps of past times in their warm, fashionable attire.

How did you meet?

We met in Nashville, Tennessee. I was going to school and Mack was working at a coffee shop. I was taking a film photography course that led me to take some photos in his shop. He gave me free coffee after letting me take some photos of him making it and the rest was history.

What is your proposal story?

He pretended like a photographer friend of his needed to take photos to build his portfolio. We went through an hour long shoot before he proposed. I knew it was coming, and was 100% sure it was happening that day, but he doesn’t know that!

Have you started planning your wedding? What is your wedding date?

We're already married now and had a simple wedding with family. We got married where we live, partied and ate food! Very simple stuff 🙂


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