June Picnic Engagement Session

Luis & Yari walked their beautiful South Texan wedding venue for their June engagement session with Rachel Ann Media. Bright pops of color and warm bistro lights made the photos cheery and bright like the smiles on the couple’s faces. Special touches like a succulent ‘M’, sparkling champagne and Yari’s pearls represents their gracefulness and charm!

How did you meet?

In our last year of undergraduate studies at Texas State University, our mutual friend Carol introduced us to each other. She insisted on us dating because she knew….we were perfect for each other! As we would all hang out in group gatherings, we slowly moved on to dates, and that led to where we are now. Funny thing is, one night when we were out bowling with our friends, I popped the question of “Hey, if we’re not married by 30..” and created a silly pact. This was only one month of spending time with each other. Destiny worked its magic.

What is your proposal story?

Luis and I were celebrating New Years Eve in Cabo San Lucas and on December 30th, we were enjoying a very elegant dinner with the most beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and The Arch. The manager approached me and said that I was one of the lucky guests to blow a conch during the sunset. He mentioned how this was a tradition, so of course I couldn’t decline his request. Little did I know that Luis had a surprise waiting for me. When I blew on the conch, the manager told me to turn the conch over and when I did, the engagement ring swung out from a fishing thread. When I looked up, there he was on his knees and musicians playing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in the background.

Have you started planning your wedding? What is your wedding date?

We had been planning our wedding since early 2019 and our original wedding date was set for 11-14-2020. Life is weird and has other plans sometimes. This world is much bigger than us. Luis and I have decided to postpone our big celebration to 2021. It was a devastating decision to make, but it was best for the both of us, our family, and friends. Since I couldn’t wait another year to become Mrs.Mejia, we will be doing an intimate elopement on our original November 2020 date in Austin, TX. We’ll just have to wait another year to celebrate with our loved ones at our beautiful, outdoor wedding. Plans change, our love hasn’t.

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