Maui Horseback Riding Proposal

Matthew surprised everyone when he knelt down and proposed to his love while horseback riding in Kula, Maui with the gorgeous view behind them. Following the proposal, they celebrated with their two children and their family.

How did you meet?

I grew up in the Bay area and she grew up in Hawaii – totally separate worlds. We met randomly and from there, I didn’t even think she would talk to me ever again. Sure enough, we started to talk more and hung out more and in 2011, I made it official in Great America parking lot the day before 4th of July and we kissed under the fireworks show at the theme park.

What is your proposal story?

My proposal story is late hahah. We already have 2 crazy handsome and beautiful kids after 8 years of being together and everyone kept asking me when…when ….when was I going to propose…and since they were telling me to go go go propose, I didn’t want it to be on their time, so I waited for the offbeat. I searched the internet and went into all kinds of stores looking at all different rings diamond and settings, and then I found the ring I wanted to give the love of my life. I hid it in the house, but worried she would find it, so I took it to work with me and kept it on me at all times. Finally, I decided how I was going to propose on the offbeat when they expected it the least, on Christmas Eve because everyone had been asking me and I hadn’t told anyone. It was the most obvious and perfect time before the New Year.

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