Engagement Session at California’s Imperial Dunes

We know; you thought this was an elopement too. No, this is just the level that Breana and Kirk wanted to take their e-sesh with Carrie McGuire Photography. Via Carrie, the pair put a lot of thought into their outfits and we can't believe how entrancing this session is. We felt the “Aladdin” vibes instantly and Bre let us in on the detail that she was inspired by the movie for their shoot. The sand dunes are immaculate and they offered the perfect backdrop for Bre and Kirk's glamorous round of engagement photos.

How did you meet?

For us out meeting was just like a Disney fairytale. Ironically, it was truly like my (Breana) favorite Disney move, Aladdin! Which was also the inspiration behind the engagement shoot. 

We grew up in the same town of La Mirada, CA, and never met one another until one summer night when I strayed out of the bubble I lived in.   

Much to people's surprise we actually met on a dating app and it was truly love at first sight! On our first date Kirk had invited me over to his house for dinner and he pulled out all the stops in order to impress me. Much like when Aladdin turned into Prince Ali and met Princess Jasmine, Kirk mislead me about pretty much everything. In order to impress me he fibbed about his age, his employment, and that the dog that was at the house was his. Ironically enough this dog's name was Tiger! He reminded me of Raja from the movie because of his brindle fur. 

Despite all of the trickery on our first date, Kirk came clean with everything and we fell madly in love. Throughout the years we trusted one another with all our hearts and nothing could tear us apart. 

What is your proposal story?

For my 27th birthday Kirk had planned a romantic couple of days in Newport Beach, CA. Now since this was the weekend of my birthday I had no idea that he would propose! 

I would always joke with him that I wanted him to propose at the “Aladdin” musical which we had just bought tickets for and would be seeing on my actual birthday, which was on Sunday. When Friday rolled around I got the entire day off and we headed towards the ocean. I had asked him multiple times what I should pack and what we would be doing but he kept saying those famous 4 words of Aladdin's – “Do you trust me?”

That Friday driving to Newport made me think if this was it! Was he finally going to get down on one knee? I tried to play it cool and tried not to get my hopes up because I have been disappointed before and plus I really wanted him to propose at the musical on my birthday. As the day went on we went to romantic spot after romantic spot but nothing happened. When we woke up the next day it was time for us to check out of the hotel and get back home to rest and prepare for my birthday the next day. 

I asked if he wanted to grab breakfast and then head home but he said he had one more surprise up his sleeve! Once we finished our food we headed back to the car and he started driving. We got to a certain location and he told me to cover my eyes. He parked, helped me get out of the car and lead me to a location where he told me to stop. As soon as he let me open my eyes I saw two gorgeous horses! He had planned for us to go horse back riding! I have never been horse back ridding so this was a nice  “birthday” surprise. 

About 20 minutes into the ride the trainer started walking the horses to a specific location. I assumed they were going to let us get off and give the horses a rest before heading back to our car. Once the let us down Kirk turned to me and said “Do you trust me?”. I had no idea what was about to happen! 

He pulled out a blindfold, put it on me, and walked me slowly to another spot where he told me to stop, wait, and then to take off my blindfold. As soon as I could see I saw a beautiful arch that was made of pink and white flowers. I looked back at Kirk who was holding both of my hands and starting to say how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He pulled out a ring box out of his pocket and that was the moment he got down on one knee! He had asked me to marry him and of course I said “YES!”.

As soon as I was able to pull myself together I took a look around and saw our parents and loved ones standing around and congratulating us. Afterwards we immediately went to grab the fanciest dinner with them and I tried to text all of my friends to tell them that I would love to go out with the to celebrate both my proposal and birthday that would happen at midnight. But everyone already had made plans and were unable to make it. A little saddened I got over it and realized I was with all of the loved ones I needed. As soon as dinner concluding Kirk asked me if I wanted to head home. I said sure let's do that and just be all together. 

As soon as we pulled up to the house there was a bed of roses on the floor a long with candles and photos of us throughout the year. When I unlocked the door all of the lights were turned off and when I turned on the lights all of our friends and family members were standing there waiting to celebrate us! We ate, drank, and karaoked the night away and as soon as midnight hit they pulled out a cake and everyone sang “Happy Birthday”!   

The next day we attended the “Aladdin” musical with a gorgeous ring of my dreams on my finger and we were both so happy to watch a love story like ours unfold. All I could think was that we were getting a Happily Ever After!  

Tell us about the ring/band.

Happy Jewelers did an amazing job with my dream ring! It is an 1.5 oval cut with a halo and twisted vine band.

Photography: Carrie McGuire Photography | Floral: In Flower | Makeup: Design Visage | Hair: Design Visage | Makeup: Design Visage | Jewelry: Happy Jewelers | Ribbon: Hey Its Oh So Pretty | Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse | Fashion: Lulus | Jewelry: Happy Jewelers | Submitted via: Matchology


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