Comical, Relatable, & Lighthearted ‘Change the Date’ Cards

In the midst of all the craziness this year, couples have seen their fair share of haywire plans. With weddings getting postponed, intimate court house ceremonies popping up, and last-minute elopements becoming a reality, it’s important to keep your guests up to date on the postponed celebration! These ‘Change The Date’ cards have a quirky twist and bring some comedic relief to the subject.

A card for the soft-spoken romantics – We empathize with you!

Love is Patient’ Wedding Postponement Cards by Honey Oak Events

A card for the punny Happy Hour celebrators – We love you!

Corona Bottle ‘Change of Plans’ Card by The Wild Petrova

A card for the couples who truly ‘roll with it’. – We all want to be you!

Toilet Paper ‘Roll with it!’ Card by PalmPaperieDIY

A card for the couple who just doesn’t know what the new plans are, but knows that it won’t happen like this! – We understand you!

‘Six Feet Apart’ Postponement Card by Zazzle

A card for the lighthearted optimistics – We appreciate you!

Marquee by Minted

A card for the couple that says ‘Forget this – let’s do the darn thing!” – We support you!

Offbeat by Minted

Header photo by Liana Herrera