Unforgettable Surprise Animal Crossing Proposal

There was a myriad of trends that made isolation during the COVID 19 pandemic a little more bearable. From baking banana bread to making TikToks to Zoom hangouts. Animal Crossing was one pastime that kept people connected and for Ryan and Amanda, they bonded over their favorite game during lockdown. So it’s no surprise that when Ryan decided he wanted to propose he knew he wanted to incorporate an immersive world with games to create an unforgettable memory when he popped the question.

With over a month to prep and the helping hands of Ryan’s friends who work in set production, they were able to recreate an uncanny Animal Crossing campsite. The details were carefully crafted to perfectly encapsulate the game. From an old radio playing the games theme song, a butterfly catching activity, fishing, and even having to dig up a fossil AKA the engagement ring! A stunning Alexis Russel salt and pepper diamond ring, set in polished rose gold. The wedding band is also Alexis Russel with a turquoise sunburst design. With Ryan’s thoughtfulness and love, of course, Amanda said yes!

How did you meet?

We met in March 2019 on a little dating app called Hinge! We talked on the app for about a week, and then went on our first date at the Santa Monica pier. Been having fun adventures ever since.

What is your proposal story?

Over quarantine in 2020, our favorite activity was to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on ourNintendo Switch. When it was time to think of a creative way to propose, nothing could have been more special to us, With the brilliant work of a production designer friend named Megan Mead, we built an Animal Crossing campsite set in a hiking trail in Altadena. There was a tent, campfire, picnic basket, as well as activities from the game. (Fishing, Bug-catching, Digging). Amanda caught a fish, caught a bug, and then dug up the ring in a fossil-shaped ring box! We then sat at the campsite, eating s’mores and drinking champagne! Quite a special time to celebrate our big day.

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

Amanda is wearing a burnt clay shirt from Madewell with faded black mom jeans from American Eagle. Amanda is also wearing a necklace from 31 Bits. Ryan is wearing a teal shirt with rhinos on it and jeans from Old Navy. It’s his favorite shirt!

Have you started planning your wedding? What is your wedding date?

Yes we definitely have! We jumped right into planning, and we will be getting on October 15th 2021.We decided on doing the wedding sooner so we can start our lives together ASAP! So far, things have been coming together pretty well. Excited to stick with Erin Marton as our photographer!

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