Things to Think About When Planning Your Wedding

So, you just got engaged and whether you’re just starting to plan your wedding or are knee-deep in the details, keep these tips in mind. Weddings can be stressful, but they should also be fun and reflect the couple getting married. With a little bit of planning and forethought, your wedding can be everything you dreamed of and more. Cheers! 

The process of planning a wedding is filled with many important decisions – from what color scheme to choose to who to invite (and how many people to invite). It can quickly become overwhelming for couples. That’s why we put together this list of things to think about when planning your big day.

Sarah Nisbett, a wedding illustrator and owner of Drawn on Your Day, knows about engaging your guests with unforgettable experiences. “One of the most gratifying aspects of wedding planning is to stamp your own signature imprint. Wedding illustrators and painters, customized trivia games, unique photo booths all add to creating a memorable wedding reception experience for your guests.”

Cape Cod officiant Jill Meyer of Write Weddings not only performs weddings, she also helps write wedding speeches and vows for couples nationwide that are memory making for everyone in attendance. “Don’t underestimate the profound impact of your entire wedding and pay attention to the times when all guests are focused on what is happening in front of them. The vows you choose to exchange and the words shared during reception speeches can be the difference between remembered forever or quickly forgotten.”

Walter Cmielewski is a well-known wedding photographer in New Jersey and owner of Eloquent Studios. He maintains that great wedding images are based in the right style of photography and match of client/photographer personalities. “Decide which style of photography suits your tastes and then choose a photographer that works well with that style – and your personalities.”

As one of the top recommended Orlando Wedding Djs, Andy Jimenez offers his couples a complete experience with Xclusive Deejays. “Consider a DJ company that is also a great resource for additional services like photo booths, lighting, and special effects. Also remember to think about music for the ceremony, too.”

San Diego wedding cake designer Malissa Sanfillipo, owner of Violet Cake Co., appreciates how a creative cake can add reception flair. “Your cake should not only taste great, its artistry should add to your decor and photographs.”

As owner of one of the most service-oriented wedding dress stores in New Hampshire, Country Bridals and Formal Wear, Elicia Bonham has faith in that magic feeling of finding the perfect gown. “Looking at gowns online can be a good guide. But the only way you truly know if it’s ‘the one’ is by trying it on. Don’t shortchange your experience.”

Romantic garden ceremonies make for great wedding photos and Stonegate Manor is one of the most picturesque lake wedding venues in Michigan. Venue manager Alison Russell is always happy to help couples put together a dream team of wedding pros. “Wedding venue managers can be the best resource for referring you to other vendors. After all, we get to witness their professionalism and see the quality of their work first-hand.”

Your wedding day focuses on you and your beloved. But venue director Sandra Shuff of Lavender Manor Weddings & Events, one of the most popular wedding venues in Spokane, also advises being considerate hosts. “It’s so important to factor in access for guests requiring handicapped parking and provide for those with dietary restrictions.”

Great music is key to any successful wedding reception. Steven Dail, a talented wedding dj in Greenville, North Carolina and owner of Out of this World Entertainment, offers this fundamental wedding tip. “Be sure to prepare a ‘Do Not Play’ as well as a ‘Must Play’ list for your DJ. Then give your DJ the freedom to create a playlist that’s just right for you.”

David Fullmer, owner of The Music Express, is a very skilled wedding dj in Roseville, CA who knows how to play well with other wedding pros. “A great DJ is one who knows how to be a part of your wedding team and works seamlessly with your day of coordinator, photographer, videographer, and venue manager.”

Outdoor ceremonies can provide elegant ambiance and Los Willows Wedding Estate is a stunning wedding venue in Fallsbrook, California. Cathie Ransom is a venue owner who understands harmonious teamwork. “It’s not just about price and quality when looking for a wedding vendor. Working with professionals who know your venue and have good relationships with the staff will make your day go much more smoothly.”

Hidden in the Piney Woods, At the Shire is an outdoor wedding venue in Huntsville, TX that features lots of nature and even tipis. And owners Katy and Paul Merlot feel a venue is more than just a location. “Besides the food, the capacity of the venue and the quality of the vendors, don’t underestimate the value a venue has when it comes to inspirational, unique, and beautiful places to photograph the couple, family, and wedding party.” 

Gianfranco Hildago, owner of DJ Franco Events, oversees a prominent team of wedding djs in Houston and also offers day of coordination, videography, and luxury transportation. His advice is short, sweet and sums it up best. “Work with professionals. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and deserves the best.”

As a leader in fun-filled celebrations and recommended by top wedding venues in Gettysburg PA, HD Entertainment is an all-female DJ company. Owner Heather Laughman believes in the total guest experience. “Have your DJ/MC focus on great guest experiences, even while seated. Not every guest is a big dancer and even the most enthusiastic ones will appreciate a break from the floor.”

Conch Concierge is best known for providing creative Key West weddings on the beach of all sizes. And owners Michael Vernon and Rasa Tubyte know having a small wedding doesn’t mean compromising. “Even if it’s just the two of you, there are many tasteful ways to make even the smallest ceremony unforgettable.”

Planning a wedding is hard enough without having to worry about the little things. By keeping your focus on what’s important, and delegating some of the tasks to those who are willing and able to help, you can take the stress out of wedding planning and actually enjoy yourself. We hope these tips have given you a few ideas on how to make your big day run smoothly. So go forth and conquer! What do you think is the most challenging part of wedding planning?

Brian Lawrence is a wedding business marketing expert who has helped thousands of clients like Alan Berg and Joe Bunn with consulting, marketing and web design. We’ve partnered with Brian Lawrence to bring this great advice from some of his amazing clients.