Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas Engagement Session

We have to give a round of applause to couples who take the large commitment in heading elsewhere to take their engagement photos. Caitlyn and Austin are Ohioans who sojourned all the way to Las Vegas to have their session at Red Rock Canyon with Carrie Pollard. They wanted something different and they definitely got that!

How did you meet?

We had always known of each other from elementary school, but it wasn’t Until our freshman year of high school after a football game, mutual friends introduced us to each other afterwards at a fire. 

What is your proposal story?

We were dating 8 years, but since we’re high school sweethearts we always felt too young yet for marriage, but that changed on Christmas Day 2017. I woke up on Christmas Day, Austin had let our dogs out and was waiting for them to come back in, I sat down & he gave me a bag I started opening it first was a hoodie, then a box that was used for a gingerbread house which I thought was odd lol but inside was a yeti cup that said Will you marry me? And he got

Down & had the ring in his hands! It was perfect! 

Tell us about the ring/band.

My ring I had picked out a few years prior to our engagement because I had always loved it! It was from Kay Jewelers. Luckily they still made it. It’s a princess cut with 4 diamonds making up the center princess cut, and then on each side smaller round diamonds halfway around each side. It’s beautiful! 

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