Oregon Snowy Peak Engagement Session

Sierra and Jay’s engagement session by Bonnie Newman Creative showcases the breathtaking Oregon woodlands that the couple now calls home. Amber hues, snowy mountain tops, and earthy treescapes surrounded them as they explored everywhere from the low bush of Mount Tabor Park to the high alpine peaks of Mount Hood.

How did you meet?

How does every classic love story start? On Tinder of course. “We swiped right” will be the infamous line we tell our children when we explain to them how we met. Back in 2017, we matched and agreed to grab a drink. I suggested we go to HiHat on Brady Street since it was really convenient for me as it was only a few blocks away from my apartment. I walked downstairs into the bar and saw Cody sitting there at the bar dressed in the most preppy outfit he probably has ever worn. He then slowly approached me with a hand shake. You read that correctly–he wanted to give me a handshake…such a gentleman! No worries, after our formal shake we went in for the hug.

Everything was going pretty smoothly until we were about one drink into our night. Clumsy Cody spilled his High Life all over the bar top and all over my lap. This was the first time learning that he would be the most clumsy guy I would ever encounter. We chatted for a few more hours before it was time to call it a night. Cody was kind enough to offer to walk me home from the bar because he actually walked to the bar as well. It was at this time where we figured out we lived less than a block away from each other! From that night on we spent almost all of our free time hanging out and getting to know everything about each other. The past few years have been filled with the most incredible memories. We have learned a lot about ourselves and have grown immensely together in our partnership. Our future is looking exceptionally bright and can’t wait to take on this next chapter in our life as husband and wife.

What is your proposal story?

Back in August 2019, we headed to Portland to apartment search and interview for jobs. On the last day we ventured to the coast to visit Cannon Beach. Once at the beach, Cody wasted no time and found himself getting down on one knee right away. With his heart pounding through his chest, he poured his feelings out and asked me for my hand in marriage. I immediately said yes and we embraced in a big hug. It was such an incredibly special moment at the most breathtaking spot on the coast. We couldn’t wait to return to Milwaukee to tell our family and friends the big news that we were engaged… AND officially moving to Portland!

Tell us about the ring/band.

Jay met the owner of William Arthur Jewelry, Bill Robertson, back in high school when they were playing hockey together. Years later was when Bill found his passion in jewelry making. Jay kept seeing his work progress and inquired about making a custom engagement ring and wedding band set. Jay worked with Bill every step of the way from picking out the stone to helping design the wedding band shape. Months later, Bill had completed the ring set of her dreams – a hand crafted 1.91 carat moissanite accented by VS clarity white diamonds in 18K yellow gold. The set was a traditional/simplistic look that is completely custom made and locally made – exactly what Sierra wanted.

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