Dreamy Sunflower Engagement in Australian country

There is no better place for a romantic engagement photoshoot than the highly anticipated bi-annual Sunflower Festival in Kalbar. Amelia is a big fan of sunflowers, and wanted something bright and happy for her and her fiance’s engagement session. “I wanted a unique setting and envisioned a photoshoot in a flower field, surrounded by beauty, vibrance and light to capture the sheer happiness and love we felt for each other.” I love telling client’s love stories just the way they are; in their element, without restrictions. Together, we document the movement that matters, the tight embraces and almost-kisses, the windblown hair and the in-between moments no one else sees, so they can look back on this season of life and feel something real. Standing in one of the most beautiful fields of flowers I’ve ever seen, the depth of this sea of gold left me in complete awe. The blooms stretched seemingly forever towards the horizon and the stratus pink clouds swept across the sky, completing the composition. Mother Nature had once again created a perfect canvas for my art, allowing me to paint a picture-perfect story for this couple. Engagement is undoubtedly one of the most important milestones every couple wants documented.

How did you meet?

We met through mutual friends at a party event.

What is your proposal story?

My partner is from Peru. We visited his home town just before the lockdown. Peru has been at the top of both of our travel destination lists for years, and I think John had a few Peru destinations as options for the proposal, but none stood out more than Machu Picchu because everything was perfectly falling in line.

Due to Covid, there were maybe 30 people there, when in normal times there’d be over hundreds. When we finally got to the top at the vantage spot where everyone stops for pictures, John asked me to marry him and said that I make him feel on top of the world like then every single day, so there’s no better time and location to ask. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. It was purely magical.

The reason we chose sunflowers is because in Peru, the Aztecs worshiped sunflowers, they placed sunflower images made of gold in their temples and crowned princesses in the bright yellow flowers. John has always treated me like a princess, thus it couldn’t have been more perfect. We also share some fond memories of planting sunflowers in our backyard. It’s our favourite flower!

Have you started planning your wedding? What is your wedding date?

I’m currently overseas studying my Masters so we don’t have a date set yet unfortunately. Hopefully in 2024 when I return to Australia.

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