Boise Cherry Blossom Engagement

While Cherry Blossoms may not be in bloom year-round in Boise, that didn’t stop one romantic from popping the question surrounded by the delicate flowers. And while Boise may not be known for its cherry blossoms, this could be the start of a new tradition. The setting was simply magical, and we were surrounded by the people who matter most to us. It was a perfect start to our journey towards marriage!

Greg and Jordan met at the gym back in 2018, we had both sworn off dating for a while and that’s why it took a hot minute for me to even realize Greg was asking her out. Our very first date was Greg’s work Christmas party and she remembers thinking how sweet it was that this man thought highly of her enough to introduce me to all of his coworkers and friends. They spent most of the evening sitting in his truck and just talking, about silly things, serious things, aspirations, all of the above. 

A few months into them dating Greg began having heart issues and fainting spells. This was so nerve wracking and scary, to feel like she finally found my person and he could potentially be taken from me so quickly. Greg got a pacemaker and Jordan stayed stuck glued to his side (literally) right next to him in the hospital bed. That was the moment that she truly understood how much he meant to her and how important he was.  Not long after, she met his 4 beautiful children and fell even more in love. Life had really prepared her for all of them and their was so much healing and happiness that came with the 6 of them coming together as a family. They have stuck with each other through so many trials and tribulations that have only brought them closer and made them love each other more.

For their engagement, they had planned to have a little staycation in downtown Boise without the kids. They spent the day shopping around and having a few drinks, checked into the hotel and had a quick nap (because drinks).  Greg and Jordan were staying at The Grove and having a fancy dinner at Alavita where their friend Ken was working at the time. They had met up with him earlier in the day at 10 barrel and she told him that the butter cake dessert was a must for tonight’s dinner.  After their quick nap we got dressed up and headed out for dinner. They enjoyed course after course of amazing food as the restaurant filled with people slowly dwindled and their dessert came out. Greg insisted Jordan dig in first since it was her favorite, as she poked through the cake her fork landed on something hard and because she thought it was chocolate, she just kept poking at it. Then finally Jordan asked Greg, “what it that? Greg…. what is that??” she looked up at him all glossy eyed as he pulled the “chocolate” out of the cake, got on one knee, and opened it to reveal my engagement ring. And finally, asked her to marry him. their wedding will be a true celebration of the blessing that came with them finding each other. Of their love for each other and their beautiful babies. their life together truly is paradise and Greg and Jordan wouldn’t change it for the world. 

How did you meet?

We “met” years ago within the same friend circle but officially introduced ourselves a decade later when Greg started coming into the gym Jordan was managing. She was completely smitten by the sweet, rugged guy with neck tattoos instantly. Being able to really find ease in talking to each other and establish that connection was such a relief and gift we both found in one another.

What is your proposal story?

Greg organized a fun day of beer tasting and shopping in downtown Boise. We checked into our hotel (The Grove) for the evening and got ready for our fancy dinner out at Alavita. At the time, Greg’s friend was a chef there and able to organize sneaking my ring into our dessert, my favorite, butter cake. After poking at the box a few times thinking it was a chunk of chocolate Greg grabbed it out and got down on one knee. This had been a long time coming and was expected but unexpected to happen on this particular day. It was a blissful, tear filled, beautiful moment for us both.

Tell us about the ring/band.

Greg’s ring is a very unique combination of grey tungsten, elk antler, and whiskey barrel combining most of Greg’s big loves in life.

Jordan’s engagement ring is a pear shaped halo and wedding band a unique combination of diamonds and onyx, holding special symbolic meaning for us from our first vacation together to Seattle where I got a fortune card that onyx was good luck for me/us.

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

My engagement outfit was entirely from shein and jewelry was a collection of family heirlooms and personal favorites

What is your wedding date?

We were married on October 2nd of 2021 in Jordan’s parents backyard with 50 of our closest friends and family in attendance.

Event Credits

PhotographyBramble and Vine
Wedding CakeTreats by Tay