Snowy Mountain Engagement

When you hear the words “snowy mountain engagement,” what comes to mind? Maybe you imagine a romantic proposal against a backdrop of pristine snow-capped peaks, or perhaps you envision an adventurous couple scaling an icy cliff face. Whatever the image, there’s no doubt that a snowy mountain engagement is sure to be unforgettable.

Taylor & Jake decided to celebrate this special moment in their lives with one of Jake’s favorite places: Mt. Hood They braved the snow and found warmth with each other! It was truly such a special way to kick off the start of engagement season

There’s something about a snowy mountain that just screams “romance.” Maybe it’s the untouched beauty of the landscape, or the way the cold air seems to bring people closer together. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that a snowy mountain engagement is sure to be memorable. No matter what, though, a snowy mountain engagement is sure to be special. So bundle up and enjoy the moment with your soon-to-be spouse!\

How did you meet?

Jake and I met in 2014 during our sophomore year at Linfield College. We met in an economics class with only 7 people. Early in the semester we were paired together for a group project so spent a lot of time together working on that. Towards the end of the semester Jake asked if he could take me out on a date and the we started dating shortly thereafter!

What is your proposal story?

Jake took me to Youngberg Hill – a winery I have wanted to get married at for a while now for my birthday. One of my sorority sisters who works at the winery offered to take us on a tour of the winery and vineyards while we were there. She took us over to the view for first looks and offered to take photos of us with the view. After a picture or two, Jake got down on one knee and proposed!

Tell us about the ring/band. 

Ring is a simple/classic solitaire. Thin gold band with a cushion cut diamond!

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

We had 3 engagement shoot outfits each. We went for simple neutral colors that would pair well together.
Our first outfit was Jake in a grey three quarter zip up, jeans and boots. I wore a long grey sweater with leather leggings, boots and in a few photos accessorized with a snow hat. This was our more casual/playful look for the shoot.

Second I wore a tight black turtleneck tucked into jeans with boots. Jake wore a charcoal grey pea coat. This was my favorite look, the outfits together looked really classy and nice!

Lastly, for a more “night time” look, we both wore neutral toned pea coats. I layered an oatmeal plaid pea coat with a white turtleneck and black pants. Jake wore a plain tan pea coat to complete the neutral look.

What is your wedding date?

Yes! Wedding is set for 9/17/2022 at Youngberg Hill Winery, the winery where Jake proposed.

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