Rainy Day Engagement Session in Big Bear

Frolicking in the rain is always a great idea. It poured down on Veronica and Erik’s e-session with Victoria Parker Photography, but it was definitely not a planned outcome. Nevertheless, the pair enjoyed their time under the rain and it’s undeniable how romantic this looks.

How did you meet?

We went to the same high school, but we didn’t talk to each other until after we graduated high school. We had two classes together our senior year, but I (Veronica) thought he was a smarty pants. We shared mutual friends. After we graduated high school, we were both pulled along into going to the movie theater with our friends. This became a regular occasion. We became very good friends which eventually evolved into a relationship.

What is your proposal story?

Erik and I planned a winter trip to Santa Barbara. We began our trip at Disneyland and then worked our way up the coast. We stopped at the Santa Barbara Botanical gardens to walk around. The scenery was beautiful. There were lots of trees and flowers everywhere. It was a gray and cloudy day, so the park was empty. We had the whole place to ourselves. In the gardens, we entered a “fairy” maze. Throughout the maze, made out of green bushes, there were little fairy houses scattered around.

I (Veronica) loved looking inside each little house. I opened the last fairy house of the maze and my ring was inside waiting for me. He knows me so well. We got to celebrate our engagement for the rest of our trip. It was magical and beautiful, and way better than I had ever dreamed. Also, he custom designed my engagement ring, because he wanted me to have a one of a kind ring.

Tell us about the ring/band.

The ring was designed by Erik to incorporate all the elements that I love. Things like Lord of the Rings, fairies and elves. It’s a ring with a rose gold band with a pear shape diamond.

Photography: Victoria Parker Photography | Submitted via: Matchology

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