Indie Vasquez Rocks Engagement Session

As if we weren’t ready for summer as it was, Brandon Bibbins Photography went and captured this gorgeous sunset, desert-esque engagement session! Maiya and Sean’s bold love is coupled with neutral tones and subtle boho hints that created jaw-dropping photos. We can’t wait for you to see for yourself.

How did you meet?

We were art partners in high school (not by choice) and before long, we became good friends. Sean quickly developed a huge crush on Maiya and in classic teenage-boy form, expressed this by making fun of her endlessly. Upon graduation, Maiya left for college in Louisiana and Sean stayed in Los Angeles for college. Although we didn’t keep tabs on each other, we would meet up with friends when we were both home for holidays. We fell out of touch for a little while after college, but were brought back together in an unexpected way by a mutual friend. After seeing each other a few times, we talked about getting dinner together to catch up. It wasn’t planned as a date, but it ended up being one which started our journey together in the spring of 2015.

What is your proposal story?

When July of 2019 arrived, Maiya had finished her grad school exams and was preparing to start her last year of school rotations, which would take her to Arizona for 6 months. We planned a long weekend getaway to Palm Springs and treated ourselves to a nice hotel, nail treatments, and fancy dinners…little did Maiya know that this trip was the culmination of months of planning. Sean had been working with his friend’s dad, a jeweler, to design her wedding ring for months. One night of this trip, Maiya and Sean got dressed up to have a nice evening out when Sean suggested that they take some pictures together. After a few awkward pictures, Sean got down on one knee and eventually managed to stammer through the words “Maiya, will you marry me?”

Tell us about the ring/band.

Sean designed the wedding band. He met with a jeweler several times over a couple of months to pick the diamond, setting, and refine the details. It’s an oval shaped diamond in a white gold setting with a rose gold band that has diamonds accenting it.

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

Maiya chose a dress from, Lulus Elegantly Inclined Cream Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress, which she highly recommends for an outdoor engagement! It moved perfectly with the wind. She didn’t wear any accessories but her wedding ring. The heels are from the Kelly & Katie brand at DSW. Super comfortable, but heels and rocks are not a good combo just to put that out there haha. Sean wore a button down shirt with jeans and his brown leather boots. We both kept it really simple and it turned out perfect!

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